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Build Formula; a game changer for real estate contractors

Contractors play a vital role in the real estate sector. If a builder is the soul of the construction project then a contractor is the blood. Contractors’ liability is no less than that of builders when it comes to construction.

Contractors do almost everything from hiring and supervising subcontractors, executing all contracts, and inspecting the building construction project from start to finish. Here are a few other jobs that real estate contractors typically do:

Real Estate Contractors
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1. Overall management of the project, including budgeting for materials, subcontractor services, labor costs, and any other related expenses.

2. To ensure that all work is being done according to plan during the execution of a construction project

3. To answer questions from workers or other contractors regarding job specifications or technical issues.

4. To ensure that all safety regulations and codes are being met during the construction.

5. Finally, a building contractor is responsible for ensuring that all deadlines are met while maintaining a high level of quality in the final product.

How Build Formula streamlines these tasks

Build Formula is the answer to all your construction problems. This software is the definition of smart construction. It automates routine tasks, making the builders’ job a breeze.

    1. Online inventory tracking:

      The most time-consuming and demanding job of a contractor in real estate is tracking the inventory. They must be mindful of the stock levels at each construction site. No site should run out of materials, or else it could hold up a project. Build formula enables secure online monitoring of raw material supply which ensures that projects are not interrupted due to an absence of inventory and deadlines are met.

    2. Tenders management:

      You can store all your documents in either a file or folder format. Build Formula lets you organize your documents like RERA certificates, and building permits efficiently, saving you time and effort in the long run. It also reduces the likelihood of errors and revisions than if you were to do it manually.

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    3. Budget and timeline management:

      Real estate Contractors have to ensure that the project is completed within the allotted timeframe and cost. It should not surpass the pre-determined budget and schedule. Build Formula’s Gantt chart system assists contractors in monitoring the advancement of the projects. Contractors can stay abreast of sub-contractors if progress is not going as per the plan.

    4. Smooth internal communication:

      Waking up to calls and texts is not easy. The building contractor works as a mediator between the builder and ground-level workers. So it is his job to keep internal communication smooth. Build Formula gives contractors a common platform for communication with stakeholders & sub-contractors while also keeping the builder in the loop.

    5. Online documentation:

      The construction industry requires a multitude of documents such as customer databases, proposals, invoices and bills, registration forms, and more.

      And the loss of a single document can invite huge trouble. Build Formula lets contractors upload all critical documents online without fear of them getting misplaced.

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