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BuildFormula; A Boon For Real Estate Brokers

Real estate brokers toil tirelessly to acquire clients. They make hundreds of phone calls and send texts, only to see their potential customer slip away due to a lack of timely response. This is a daily scenario in a real estate broker’s life.

So how to achieve this seemingly impossible task? How to nurture leads on time? How to give timely responses to customers? The answer to all these questions is only one- construction management software.

Real estate brokers
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Real estate software provides a unified platform to simplify your day-to-day tasks, from lead acquisition to nurturing, from accounting brokerage to customer service.

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Make your job easy and life easier with Build Formula

BuildFormula is an advanced-technology software that can cut the hours you spend on daily tasks and double your profit. Here is how:

  1. Unified platform for multiple:

    Interacting with multiple clients and managing their data can be challenging. Communicating with clients while keeping builders, and other brokers in the loop can be really time-consuming. BuildFormula is an online platform where you can efficiently store and manage the data of as many customers as you want.

  2. Prioritize and nurture leads :

    Tracking and nurturing leads is a vital task for a real estate agent. Build Formula allows brokers to track leads coming from social media, offline campaigns, business cards, and online campaigns and lets you bifurcate leads that are genuinely interested in buying and selling property, and helps you close more leads with a highly streamlined process.

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  3. Faster response to inquiries:

    If you are getting hundreds of property-related inquiries on daily basis, then BuildFormula is a must-have system for you. It might be difficult to reply to each and every query manually. When customers are showing interest but you are too busy to reply, BuildFormula is a savior in those difficult times. It sends an automated message notifying them of your unavailability or even answers their basic queries.


  4. Third-party integration:

    Integration is another useful feature of BuildFormula. The integration enables seamless communication with your prospects and clients. Through integration with third-party applications, you get customers-insights within the software.

    BuildFormula records whenever a prospect expresses interest in your real estate properties. It then alerts your sales team to follow up and your marketing team to reach out to the prospects with relevant emails and messages on third-party applications like WhatsApp. This streamlined workflow eliminates the communication gap between the sales and marketing departments while increasing efficiency

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  5. Digital documentation:

    Rolodex days are long gone now. Paper invoices are becoming a thing of the past, as people are keeping their soft copies now. This prevents the misplacement of important documents and receipts. BuildFormula makes it easy for you to find and use the right document when you need it. You don’t even need to WhatsApp/Mail docs, you can just give software access to other stakeholders involved in the project.

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