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Real estate brokers toil tirelessly to acquire clients. They make hundreds of phone calls and send texts, only to see their potential customer slip away due to a lack of timely response. This is a daily scenario in a real estate broker’s life.

So how to achieve this seemingly impossible task? How to nurture leads on time? How to give timely responses to customers? The answer to all these questions is only one- construction management software.


Contractors play a vital role in the real estate sector. If a builder is the soul of the construction project then a contractor is the blood. Contractors’ liability is no less than that of builders when it comes to construction.

Contractors do almost everything from hiring and supervising subcontractors, executing all contracts, and inspecting the building construction project from start to finish. Here are a few other jobs that real estate contractors typically do:


No job is easy, but being a builder comes with its own unique set of challenges. Builders have to be mindful of their budget and schedule regular site visits. What if we say you can share your responsibilities? Yes, you heard it right. You can completely rely on the Build formula for all your day-to-day tasks. Boost productivity with an automated construction process.

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