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What is a construction management solution?

Our Construction Management Solution is software used by construction companies to manage and integrate important parts of their businesses, which helps them to control their costs and timeline. This Construction Management Solution helps businesses implement resource planning by integrating all of the related processes needed to run their companies on a single platform.

Build Formula is a Construction Management Solution software curated exclusively for the construction and real estate sector. Build Formula provides hassle-free integration of systems and operations across various departments in a construction/real estate organization, from Product Planning, Inventory Control, to Leads, Client Management, and more.

How to get a detailed demo of a real estate construction management solution?

To get a detailed demo of our Real Estate Construction Management Solution, please click here and one of our team members will contact you within 24 hours.

What are the prerequisites one should have to be able to use the software?

There are no prerequisites to start using Build Formula. We have designed the software in a way that is super easy for everyone to navigate and use. The guide videos will help you to understand how to perform/operate various tasks on Build Formula.

What are the modules we can access through the mobile app?

The most important modules of Build Formula can be accessed via the mobile app as well. The modules available are:
1. Sales,
2. Customer Section, and
3. Files.

How many projects can be handled simultaneously through software?

The user can create and manage an unlimited number of projects after the free trial.

What are the modules available on the build formula?

The modules available are:
1. Project Structure
2. Sales
3. Customer Section
4. Design Module
5. Project Management
6. Vendor Management
7. Material Management
8. Files Organizer
9. Members & Roles

Is there any guide available to take me through the working of the construction management solution?

Yes, there is a user guide as well as numerous tutorial videos that will assist you in understanding the working procedures of Build Formula.

What will be the initial cost every year?

There is no initial cost of our Construction Management Solution & Real Estate CRM. We only charge yearly maintenance fees per project. Click here to know the exact pricing for your project.

Does our software have real estate crm for real estate developers?

Yes, we have a dedicated section known as the sales & customer section where you can manage your project enquiries, customer data and booking forms.