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Optimize Your Real Estate Sales Funnel with CRM Software

CRM software is the new buzzword in the real estate industry. Real estate is an ever-evolving and rapidly growing industry. Companies are relying on technology to cope-up with the pace of the growing sector. CRMs are a great help for companies to give seamless customer journeys throughout the sales funnel. Customer relationship management software has […]

Give a boost to your real-estate business with real-estate CRM

What is CRM? CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and is a technology tool that helps real estate businesses to manage customer relationships. It is software that automates the workflow of lead generation, email marketing, and other marketing campaigns. Technology tools such as automated emails, website analytics, and third-party integrations can be used to better […]

9 reasons why real estate agents must use an ERP software

An agent is the soul of the real estate and construction industry. He is the one who brings business for builders. From bringing clients to taking follow-ups and site visits, he is solely responsible for all the tasks. If not more difficult, an agent’s duties are nevertheless less difficult than a builder’s. But is there […]

Why construction industry needs supply chain management?

The process that any business organization follows from planning to providing the final product to the end user is called supply chain management (SCM). Supply chain management in construction refers to organizing supply flow over several chains. The supplies can be information, labor, or materials. Digital Supply Chain Management Technology has taken the construction industry […]

How is real estate management software becoming a game changer?

The real estate industry is changing the way it works. In the constantly changing world, the expectations of the clients and stakeholders are also rising. In order to meet these expectations, real estate companies are switching to digital. Real estate softwares make business easy by digitizing industry operations such as project planning, stakeholder management, budgeting, […]

The Future Of Smart Buildings – Feature Of 2021

“When we build, let us think that we build forever” The quote says it all, The end goal behind any construction is long-term sustainability! The Future Of Smart Buildings:- Times are changing rapidly and we are reaching a new age when it comes to the construction industry. It’s no longer enough for our homes to just keep us warm and provide shelters, the […]

Top 4 Type Of Optimal Project Management

Top 4 Type Of Optimal Project Management Measuring and monitoring the performance of Optimal Project Management is key to ensuring that projects are delivered on time, fit for purpose, and within budget. There are many ways to measure a construction company’s performance. Successful construction KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) should be used to track the progress in the […]

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